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This is a basic resource for 4h members doing a horse project in oregon, washington, and idaho. Try completing one activity a month to avoid last minute stress. Activities include horse body shop, designing the perfect horse, paper dolls, human cues and group relay knot. The state 4 h portfolio contest is the only time of year to receive feedback about your 4 h resume and cover letter on a state level. Completing a 4 h record book is a process where you record project and club work using a standard format. Virginia 4h horse project junior record book virginia tech. It is the 4hers responsibility to accurately complete and submit this form to the extension agent by may 1 of each year. Exhibit or participate with your 4h horse project horse during the 4h. It will help you set goals for the project year, record your accomplishments and help guide your efforts to keep important records on your horse. All project horse records may be included in one 4h horse record book.

A minimum completed club 4 h record book consists of the following items. Your project helper may be a family member, project leader, teen leader, riding instructor, or other qualified advisor. Stallions over 12 months of age are not allowed as a 4h project. Animal project journal and financial record andor animal project journal and financial record. If you do well, you may win a trip to the minnesota 4h state horse show. Keep track of your goals and what you do and learn for each project in your 4 h record book on basic, experienced or advanced project records. This project record book has been created specially for members enrolled in the 4h horse project. Exhibit your project manual and project exhibit at the county 4 h fair. Meet the following member in good standing requirements. Youth are encouraged to select from a variety of alternatives to meet their individual recordkeeping needs and learning styles.

You do not need to do number 7 write a onepage report explaining what you did and learned during this project. See our form and document help page for instructions on how to download and fill out the documents listed here and elsewhere on this website. Book sections cover horse breeds, psychology, and how to. If you dont have a horse, you may belong to a 4h horse science club or join as. Maintain your book in a 3ring notebookbinder or folder. The 4 h program has a long history of record keeping. Horse provides an interactive, handson curriculum for youth to explore raising and showing horses while developing life skills. Lay out the pressed leaves on the waxed paper in any pattern, but make sure to. Write a project story that captures what happened during your project. Maneuvers in the riding and showing section of this book. The new jersey 4 h equine presentations project is a project area that is beneficial to the total 4 h horse program. In summary, there is a need for all aspects of the current 4h horse program, and it is hoped that you as leaders and agents, will encourage participation of your.

H horse record is a summary of your horse project for the current 4. H club or project leader which includes, as a minimum, the my 4. Minnesota 4h horse project education facebook 21 photos. A completed project manual plus a 22 x 28 poster, displayed horizontally, a display, or a note book relating to the information studied in the project manual. This may be the only project taken or the member may also enroll in additional 4 h projects including the progressive riding projects. There are many things to learn about horses, their care and management. Horseless horse members may volunteer to assist with horse shows and trail rides. This record allows you to share your 4h story for the year. They help you set some goals, keep track of your attendance at meetings, record your demonstrations and talks and a whole lot more. Book sections cover horse breeds, psychology, and how to choose a horse. The florida 4h state website offers some of these books and other educational books for online purchase. Register 4 hers project animals as of april 1 of current project year.

Giddy up and go focuses on the introductory basics and familiarizes youth with horses. Horseless horse members do not own or lease a horse. Do not wait until the last minute to complete books, especially animal books. Completing the personal development report in the record book provides you an. Project name horse 4 h club 4 h county birth date date to be signed at the beginning of your 4 h project year.

The horseless horse project is designed for 4 h members interested in learning about horses but who do not own their own horse. All record and project books linked here are pdf format and can be printed on your home printer. There will be three pa 4 h horse cloverbud activity books. Completion of the 4h horse project record books is often a requirement prior to participation in some county, state, and national events. My plan for the year this is my year in the 4 h horse project. My 4h model horse project record book hunterdon county. Obtain the appropriate record book based on the project you selected. Keep accurate records and note project progress in the 4 h horse project record book. Be a registered 4 h horse project member as of january 1 of current project year.

Horse project record books university of maryland extension. All cloverbud members in one club or group should complete the same book in the course of one year, regardless of their ages or the length of time they have been members. West virginia 4h project book updates extension service. I will keep good records and finish my record book to complete my project. Discuss the book with your parent andor 4 h leader. The program will allow you to develop horsemanship skills. You will also learn skills through educational activities such as horse judging, horse bowls, hippology, speech and demonstration contests. Recordkeeping is an ongoing process that does not end when the 4 h year ends. Poultry project and record book, project pictures page 10 4 h 150. It features curriculum that will guide you through the project. Horse animals projects kansas 4h youth development. It is recommended that you give a demonstration or speech, or participate in horse judging, horse bowl, hippology or other 4 h activities at least at the club level. The focus reflects the importance of this life skill in our daily lives.

By learning to give presentations and demonstrations, 4 hers gain selfconfidence and speaking abilities that are valuable in life situations such as school, the work place and the community. For more information, or to get involved please contact amy at the blount county extension office 865 9826430 or by email. All four units focus on learning life skills that can be easily transferred to the horse project, should a member purchase a horse. It is like a road map helping you plan how to get where you want to go. Projects one project report form for every project completed meetings held meetings attended club meetings attended this year percent attended during the current year, 80% attendance is. A 4h horse project animal may be a horse, pony, mule, or donkey, which you may ride, drive, or train. She says she participated in horse bowl, hippology, horse judging, and the regular 4 h project, as well as the horse training project. The 4h horse project osu extension catalog oregon state. It should be kept in an updated, neat and accurate manner. It is important to keep your record book uptodate monthly. Theyre an important part of completing each project. Your record should tell how you have progressed in knowl edge, skills, and attitudes as. As you fill up a section you can download additional.

Keep accurate records and note project progress in the 4h horse project record book. Exhibit or participate with your 4 h horse project horse during the 4 h year. The 4 h portfolio is the standard application tool for all 4 h leadership positions and a valuable resource as you seek employment. Project agreement i will be responsible for feed, care, and management of my animals. All records needed for record keeping of all 4 h projects. To complete one year of the 4 h horse project in the horseless area, you should. For a copy contact your county 4 h office or order online at national 4 h service supply.

The record book also helps 4hers recognize just how much theyve accomplished with their horse project over the last year. Name 4 h age primary club name years in 4 h years in this project i have completed this record and believe all information to be complete and accurate. Guidelines for the 4h model horse project record book you start your record book at the beginning of the 4h year and keep all your expenses and receipts during the year. List some of your goals for the year and what plan you have to accomplish your goals. Through 4 h participation members can earn recognition at the county, district, state and national levels and win scholarship awards for camps, leadership programs and even college study. Examples of 4 h project goals what, how, when setting goals for 4 h projects is simply deciding what you want to learn and do. For additional curriculum possibilities, explore the national directory of 4 h materials and do a key word search for horses, horseless horse or clothes horse. When dunlavy was 14, she started her homebred appaloosa filly, sweet bell pepper, and followed the project s steps each year to take bell from halter breaking to flying lead changes. Poultry project and record book, egg production record page 17 4 h 150.

Younger 4 h members will need assistance from project helpers to complete these books. The minnesota 4 h horse project is designed to promote life skills through a safe and educational program. Click here to go to the state 4 h website and print a project starter guide. It will help you set goals for the project year, record your accomplishments and help. You may include other things to personalize your book i. Poultry project and record book, weight summary and feed efficiency page 15 4 h 150. This year, all cloverbud horse club members complete book a.

Keeping a record book is an important part of the project. Telling your 4h story is an important part of reflecting on the growth and experiences of each year. Read through this book and familiarize yourself with the kinds of records you will need and where information should be recorded. This is a basic resource for 4 h members doing a horse project in oregon, washington, and idaho. They are optional for other records or use of a 3prong folder. The purpose of 4 h recordkeeping is to teach how to keep records, which is an important life skill. Horseless project4h horse project penn state extension.

After a couple of days carefully remove the pressed leaves. Poultry project and record book, weight record page 14 4 h 150. Enroll in level 1, 2, or 3 of the 4 h horse project by june 1 of the project year. Start by downloading the whole document from the entire my 4 h resume link below. My 4h project record book a general purpose record book. The 4 h horse program is part of the animal science project. Horse project record book 2020 horse clover sprouts project record book 2020 poultry project record book 2020 poultry clover sprouts project record book 2020 shooting sports archery record book shooting sports firearms record book rabbit project record book 2019 clover sprouts rabbit project record book 2018 members personal 4 h record book. You may choose to compete in the horse project at your county fair. The horseless horse project is intended for 4 hers without access to a horse, pony, or draft horse. Many of the multiple year projects are designed to be family projects.

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