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In each market, 20 questionnaires were randomly distributed to the selected traders. Niger state is a state in the western part of nigeria and the largest state in the country. He convenes in 1991 a national conference with powers to vote on the countrys future. The northern fourfifths of the country is desert, and the southern onefifth is savanna. Historical dictionary of niger abdourahmane idrissa. By at least 4000 bc, a mixed population of libyan, berber, and negroid peoples had evolved an agricultural and cattleherding economy in the sahara.

History jebba, niger state, north central nigeria, it lies on the south bank and at the natural head of navigation of the niger river, 550 miles 885 km from the sea. History before the sahara started swallowing niger around 2500 bc, it supported verdant grasslands, abundant wildlife and populations thriving on hunting and herding. Niger state, nigeria population statistics, charts. Market challenges return to top niger is a vast landlocked country and has historically relied on the port of. The state capital is minna, and other major cities are bida, kontagora, and suleja. It was formed in 1976 when the then northwestern state was bifurcated into niger state and sokoto state. Nigerias niger delta region is not only home to the greater part of africas largest. Prison deaths occurred from malaria and meningitis, but no statistics were available. Niger 3 country reports on human rights practices for 2015 united states department of state bureau of democracy, human rights and labor prisoners. Niger state where babaginda came from with population of a population of 2,482,367, had 19 member in the house. Nicknamed the power state and established on the 3rd of february in 1976, niger state has its capital in minna. Nomads of niger is more than just a coffeetable book. Detailed, interactive and static maps of niger state and satellite images for niger state. Niger delta niger delta facts history of niger delta.

Niger fell victim to a series of coups and political instability. This has been the situation the nigerian state has found herself since independence. How we measure reads a read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title. Sitting on the cusp between mediterranean and subsaharan africa, niger is in many ways a remarkable place, blending in the harsh sahelian environment a great diversity of cultures and lifestyles to make up a poor but resilient nation. During recent centuries, the nomadic tuareg formed large confederations, pushed southward, and, siding with various hausa states, clashed with the fulani empire of sokoto, which had. Prison staff in the agadez region jailed trafficking victims, including children, alongside traffickers. The assessment of the british government, also known as the september dossier, the following documents were found alleging transactions between niger and iraq.

The economic system is based upon planning but accords an important role to private enterprise. History of nupe people of niger state briefly culture. Nigers history as an independent republic is very brief and rather bleak. Abubakar sani bello was sworn in as the governor of niger state on 29 may 2015.

A 2002 unesco published study suggested that iron smelting at termit, in eastern niger may have begun as early as 1500 bc. Sc in economics from university of maiduguri 1986 1991. The three main policy objectives are the maintenance of national unity, the elevation of the living standards of the population, and the attainment of economic independence. The country was established in the early 20th century in what used to be the busy crossroad of exchanges between the kingdoms and empires of west africa and the. While sarowiwa and the mosop leadership were hung by the nigerian military in 1995, since that time the niger delta has become a zone of conflict and heightened struggles as more minorities the adoni, the itsekiri, the ijaw organize. Wikidata item after the publication of iraqs weapons of mass destruction. Neighboring countries include algeria, benin, burkina faso, chad, libya, mali, and nigeria. Niger regained its agoa eligibility in october 2011, extending the laws trade preferences to niger and immediately benefiting its economic development projects. The inscription republique du niger republic of niger is placed below. He is the eldest child of the nigerian billionaire and former military governor of old kano state col sani bello rtd. Geographical, historical and political profiles of nigeria. The nupe people live in the heart of nigeria, spread over the lower basin formed by the two rivers, kaduna and niger also known as lavun and edu respectively.

The state is located in the central part of the country and is reputed as the largest state in nigeria. Niger or niger state is a state in central nigeria and the largest state in the country. Data obtained were subjected to means, percentage, market and gross margin statistical analysis. In most of the mine fields visited in minna and its environs recently, the lands are inundated and degraded. It is also bounded by the states of kebbi and zamfara to the north, kaduna to the north and northeast, kogi to the southeast, and kwara to the south. The regions that makes up niger state are old nupe and kontogara kingdos, abuja now suleja with the trace of famous kingdom of zauzau. Niger state college of agriculture, mokwa, niger state, nigeria on academia. It is populated by the predominantly muslim nupe people, whose kingdom, refounded by tsoede, flourished in the region in the early 16th century.

The icon links to further information about a selected division including its population structure gender, age groups, age distribution. Setraco nigeria limited road and bridge construction history. The political leadership class, in its quest to secure or retain power, suppress opposition, and have access to unlimited. In addition, the niger delta has natural gas reserves estimated at about 182 trillion cubic feet tcf ogj, 2005, making nigeria the largest natural gas endowed country in african and among top ten in the world. The state is bordered to the north by zarnfara state, to the northwest by kebbi state, to the south by kogi state, to southwest by kwara state. In the end, pressure from france and germany hastened the establishment of effective british occupation and the creation of protectorates in northern and southern nigeria. Article 3 the republic of niger is a unitary state. Niger was an important economic crossroads, and the empires of songhai, mali, the dendi kingdom, gao, and kanembornu, as well as a number of hausa states, claimed control over portions of the area. Niger state experiences distinct dry and wet seasons with annual rainfall varying from 1,100mm in the northern part of the state to 1,600 mm in the southern parts. On the other, kano state, which had about the same population as lagos 5,632,040, had 34members and sokoto with 4,392,391 population had 29 seats.

Comparatively, the area occupied by niger is slightly less than twice the size of the state of texas. Peace corps program in niger, which started in 1962, currently has about volunteers in country and celebrated its 45th anniversary in september 2007. History of niger state, past governors from 176 till date. The campus is located between longitude 09 31 30n and 0932 15n and latitude 06 26 i4e and 06 27 33e respectively. The abuja federal capital territory is on niger states eastern border, and the republic of benin is its western border. Niger brief history niger state is located on latitude 3. Unfortunately, the potentials of kolanut production in the state are not duly recognized. Niger, state, westcentral nigeria, bounded to the south by the niger river. Thus, the niger delta is regarded as the twelfth richest area in oil resources worldwide klett et al.

Learn about niger state, nigeria people, local government. Niger state is located between latitudes 820n and 1n and longitude 330e and 720e. Ruins of the trade oasis of djado in northeast niger. The abuja federal capital territory is on niger states eastern border. It has a land area of 76,363 square kilometers, with population of 4,082,558. This finding, which would be of great importance to both the history of niger and the history of the diffusion of iron age metalworking technology in all of subsaharan africa, is as yet contentious.

These documents were later shown to have been faked. It is home to ibrahim babangida and abdulsalami abubakar, two of nigerias former military rulers. It is saibou who finally attempts niger s transition to democracy. To the undisputed headquarters of nupe people in nigeria, i bring you bida. According to the general census of 2000, the population of the country numbered 10 070 000 inhabitants. Setraco was established in 1977 and started by constructing township and district roads in what was then bendel state. Niger state has unique history of kolanut production in northern part of nigeria. Considerable evidence indicates that about 600,000 years ago, humans inhabited what has since become. The countrys first president, hamani diori, is an experienced politician in the french system as a delegate to the. History of niger state niger state was formed on 3 rd february 1967. Niger state, nigeria overview, history and summary.

All threat to the republican form of the state and to the democratic institutions is a crime of high treason punished as such by the law. Political leadership and corruption in nigeria since 1960. However, unforeseen environmental change altered the social make up of niger, and complex societies were gradually changed into nomadic clans that still populate the landscape today. It was formed in 1976, situated in the north central geopolitical zone with the largest landmass covering about 86,000km2. Niger history through extensive archaeological research, much evidence has been uncovered indicating that man has been present in northern niger for over 600,000 years. The state has about 25 local government areas with minna as the state capital, major cities include bida, kontagora, and suleja.

The history of nigeria can be traced to prehistoric settlers nigerians living in the area as early as 1100 bc. All illegal use and all profanation of these attributes are punished by the law. The maximum temperature is recorded between march and june, while the minimum is usually between december and january. Niger is a country in africa that has an ancient history, and most of modern civilization can trace its roots back to this area. The private sector of the economy consists partly of a multitude of small enterprises and partly. Niger delta, oil wealth, ethnic militia, content analysis, corporate. Ancient rock engraving showing herds of giraffe, ibex, and other animals in the southern sahara and africa niger. The politics of states and local governments creation in. Niger, becoming independent in 1960 after the dissolution of french west africa, has to wait longer than other french colonies in the region before even lip service is paid to the principles of democracy. Islam reached nigeria through the borno empire between 1068 ad and hausa states around 85 ad during the 11th century, while. Niger state, nigeria population statistics, charts, map. Numerous ancient african civilizations settled in the region that is today nigeria, such as the kingdom of nri, the benin empire, and the oyo empire.

Niger state is one of the 36 states including the federal capital territory that constitutes the federal republic of nigeria. Niger documents wikisource, the free online library. The niger delta has a long history of violent conflicts over environmental. Niger delta province, nigeria, cameroon, and equatorial guinea, africa by michele l. Maintaining close french ties, nigers first president, hamani diori, ran a repressive oneparty state. Gold mining in the state is largely carried out by artisans, who deployed their crude skills in extracting the product, thus harming the environment and in the process creating social disorder. Over the last thirty years the company has rapidly grown to become one of the largest construction companies in nigeria specialized in roads and bridges. The traditional inhabitants of the ancient city banin bida were known as beni. A landlocked country, the republic of the niger is the largest state in west africa, with an area of 1,267,000 sq km 489,191 sq mi, extending 1,845 km 1,146 mi enewsw and 1,025 km 637 mi nnwsse. Article 2 the attributes of the republic, such as defined in the first article, are reserved for the use of the public powers. Long after the desert pushed those populations south, niger became a fixture on the transsaharan trade route.

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